Sunday, May 15, 2011

When life gives you exploding cans....

College is about learning right? It seems to me that I learn the majority of my lessons outside the classroom, and most frequently from mistakes and lapses in my own judgement. You don't learn in a classroom that working 25 hours a week on top of classes is a bad idea until you're busy from 7am to 9pm with classes and start forgetting to eat.  You don't realize lemon trees have thorns until you climb them in the rain and get soaked, scratched, and muddy. At least you'll have the lemonade when you're done. After you wash the juice from your newly acquired wounds.

That's depressing, you might say. But the best part of these lessons is learning to make them fun.

So I came home last week to find my mini refrigerator door wide open. What happened, you ask? Remember when your mom told you not to put pop cans in the freezer? She didn't tell you the terrible freezing component in your mini fridge will not freeze anything inside, only the things in the refrigerator part that you wanted relatively thawed.

Thus, you find this:

The top of the can came completely off

Look, mom, no top!

But like Mom always said, find the silver lining. And what is more silver than a diet coke can? So I thought like a 7-11, and made a slushie.  

Ok, so maybe is separated a little bit, and wasn't exactly the processed goodness that is 7-11, but hey, I wasn't about to waste a perfectly good diet coke!

Happy experimenting!


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