Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tea Time?

I like tea. Really, I do. I like green tea, I like black tea, I like white tea, I like herbal tea... I don't discriminate.
I like coffee. Some people are elitist and say you have to love one or the other, I hope none of you are those people. I apologize.

I actually wanted coffee today. I have the filters, the grinds, and a sink to get some fresh cold water right here. So why am I drinking tea instead? Well, I heat the tea water in the coffee maker, and I didn't want to have to clean it if I wanted tea later...

This is my coffee pot. It lives in the corner with my utensils stolen from the dining hall... Oops.

Right now, I'm drinking blueberry green tea. It was a gift from a friend, and came in a cute little bamboo-esque tea box. Love it. Not a huge fan of fruit in my tea, but this one is actually ok. Whatever. The point of this is to talk about how finals make you lazy. Not in a sleep-all-day and watch movies, although I'm doing that too.
My tea mug, and the cute little tea box

Mostly, productive laziness. I packed. I went running. I made tea. I did some research about careers. I listened to podcasts. I laughed. I did not look at my flashcards. I did not open up my lecture notes. I did, however, eat lunch and think about the process of digestion, tried to name the hormones that facilitate it, and called that studying. Then I called my sister. Productive, right?

I think I'll go eat dinner and continue this discussion with my small intestine...